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Best cafes for working in Saigon you should not miss

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Don't skip this list of the best cafes for working in Saigon if you are looking for a working space and wanting to enjoy Vietnamese coffee and beverages.

Which are the best cafes for working in Saigon? Coffee is one of the most necessary things for a worker. However, among thousands of coffee shops, which ones are the best place to work? Here is the list of top 5 coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City, which are suitable for working and worth trying real Vietnamese coffee. Let’s discover!

Best cafes for working in Saigon - Highlands Coffee

Address: https://www.highlandscoffee.com.vn/en/dealer.html

Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00

Price: 10.000 VND – 65.000 VND

With nearly 100 coffee shops around the city, it is quite easy for you to find one of them to take a cup of coffee while working. Highlands Coffee seems to be the first one if a Vietnamese thinks about a working space.

Although the design of these coffee shops is not so modern that provides electricity for all people, its space is a plus. It is common if catching a person working with his laptop, or a group of workers gathering around to discuss something.

Its beverage is highly recommended with reasonable price for both students and workers. Here, you will have a chance to enjoy real Vietnamese coffee with only 29.000 VND.

The Coffee House

Address: https://www.thecoffeehouse.com/pages/danh-sach-tat-ca-cua-hang

Opening hours: 7:30 – 22:00

Price: 30.000 VND – 100.000 VND

Just established in 2014, The Coffee House is one of the most successful start-ups in Vietnam with 100 branches (until 2018). You can easily find one of them on some main streets. Everyone is different from others. So does The Coffee House. Each coffee shop has its own decoration and style.

The most outstanding decoration and style among them is The Coffee House Signature, located at 19B Pham Ngoc Thach, District 1. Here, some might think they are working inside a small forest because of green trees surrounding them. Customers will be served only high-ranking coffees or Vietnamese coffee only.

With the co-working-space style and strong wifi systems, people come here to do their task or work. It is also designed big tables for groups to study or discuss. Some motivation quotes or green atmosphere can make you focus on your tasks easily, this is also a plus of The Coffee House.

M2C Cafe

Address: 44B Lý Tự Trọng, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 7:30 – 23:15

Price: 40.000 VND – 88.000 VND

M2C stands for Modern meets Culture. Like its name reveals, this coffee shop is designed with modern and cultural features and objects. Sitting here, some might think they are witnessing the transformation of time.

Located in the most flourishing street of the city, the coffee shop is although quite quiet and gentle. Taking a cup of coffee here, then watching the moving of the city somehow helps you feel relaxed. This place is highly recommended to discuss businesses or working alone.

Cheese Coffee

Address: 141 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, Ward 17, Bình Thạnh District

6 Nguyễn Gia Trí, Ward 25, Bình Thạnh District

782 Sư Vạn Hạnh, Ward 12, District 10

190C Phan Văn Trị, Ward 12, Bình Thạnh District

307 Hồng Bàng, Ward 11, District 5

154 Thành Thái, Ward 12, District 10

47G Hoa Lan, Ward 2, Phú Nhuận District

Opening hours: 7:00 – 24:00

Price: 20.000 VND – 40.000 VND

This is also one of the youngest start-ups in food and beverage. Some might think this is a new kind of coffee, but actually, bartenders don’t mix cheese with coffee. Cheese means, according to its marketing specialist, the joy and the youth. It specializes in Vietnamese coffee, Blueberry Fromage Frappese, Matcha Frappese, Oolong Macchiato Frappese and beverages from teas.

Its space is large enough for groups of students or workers sitting around to discuss tasks. It is also focused on modern decoration which might make you feel relaxed and concentrated on your work.

SNOB Coffee

Address: http://snobcoffee.vn/cua-hang/

Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:00

Price: 20.000 VND – 100.000 VND

Walking inside these coffee shops, you can feel the smell of coffee which is the unique of SNOB Coffee that you might find it difficult to forget. Although Vietnamese coffee is the main beverage of its menu, it also has various foods and drinks for your choice.

Its space is divided into different areas, for one person, couples, or a group of people. The wifi systems are very strong and it also provides electric sockets for each table. Moreover, this coffee shop provides tablets for people who need to do their tasks but forget their laptops.

These are the list of top 5 coffee shops for working around the city. The list mainly focuses on the coffee shops in some center districts for you to easily find out.

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