An unforgettable nightlife in Nha Trang - Here is what to do!

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You know what, in Nha Trang - Vietnam, the busier the daytime is, the more lively the night is. Then, what should we do to explore and admire the beauty of the nightlife in Nha Trang?

With these following activities of the nightlife in Nha Trang, you might have an enjoyable night! Nha Trang is described as a young girl. With the light of daytime, it is gentle and ashamed of everything. When everything gets dark, it turns into a gorgeous and colorful girl. You are looking for a place to go when the night comes there, but you don’t know what to do to not miss nightlife experience. 

Nightlife in Nha Trang - Night beach

Night at Nha Trang Beach

First of all, you should spend time to go along the beach to enjoy the chilly air, the sound of waves, fine white sand. Sitting on the seashore and admiring the sun slowly going down and hiding in the mountains, you might find yourself relaxed and restful. When it gets darker, you can see some dotted lights offshore, those are local boats fishing offshore. Moreover, since the beach is near the residential area, lights from houses and buildings are reflected in the water face making it a colorful beach.

Night market

Night market in Nha Trang

After admiring the beach at night, you can go shopping at some night markets in Nha Trang. You can find local souvenirs, clothes, accessories with reasonable price. Furthermore, there are some small food area located in the market that you have a small snacks before doing other activities. Here are some night markets:

Nha Trang night market at Trần Quang Khải Street

Night market at 46 Trần Phú Street

Yasaka 9 market organized by Yasaka Sài Gòn Nha Trang

Vinpearl Land at night

Water music performance

This is the special nightlife experience for tourists at Vinpearl Land Nha Trang. If you decide to stay there at night or you don’t leave Vinpearl before 19:00, you should spend time to admire the unique water music performances take place everyday from 19:00 - 19:25 and 20:00 - 20:25. Moreover, you can visit Vinpearl Land after 16:00 with cheaper price if you cannot go there before that. At night, Vinpearl Land organizes tons of performances and activities to serve guests and the people resting there overnight. It costs 450.000 VND for an adult after 16:00.

Night street food

Night street food in Nha Trang

Thanks God it is time to eat! In Nha Trang, you might be stuck in the choices of what to eat. You will have a chance to try not only local food but also Vietnamese traditional food. Nha Trang is famous for fresh seafood and food made from seafood since this is a beach town. Bánh canh chả cá, Bánh căn, nem nướng… are traditional food of Nha Trang. Besides, you can find Phở, bún - Vietnamese traditional food in general - in different recipes of Nha Trang. Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai Street, Tháp Bà Street, Hàn Thuyên Street, Tô Hiến Thành Street and Hùng Vương Street are top 5 food streets in Nha Trang. There, you can find some small local restaurants, vendors or luxurious restaurants.

Stone Church in Nha Trang

Stone Church in Nha Trang

Located right at the center of city, it is easy to find Stone Church and visit it when the night comes. Its outside construction is described as an old Roman building full of lights and it is decorated with numerous statues of saints and 4,000 tombstones mounted on the sides. As the biggest church of the city, people come in and come out every night, especially on the weekend, making the lightful church more picturesque and attractive.

Trầm Hương Tower

Trầm Hương Tower

Then, you can do a walk from the Stone Church back to Trầm Hương Tower, the symbol of Nha Trang in a lotus shape. There, you can enjoy the wind from the sea, the view of mountains far away, as well as the moving of the people on the street. This is the place where local people and tourists gather around, especially on the weekend.

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing

This is the most exciting nightlife experience in Nha Trang. There are some tour agencies operating the Night squid fishing tour every night, except in some bad-weather days. Normally, the tour starts from 15:00 or 16:00 until 21:00 or 21:30. You will join with other people going on a boat for offshore fishing. When it gets darker, the journey is started. At that time, you are not a tourist anymore, but a fisherman trying to catch squids to sell for the next day. If you can catch the squids, then they will become your meals after that right on the boat.

Sailing Club

Sailing Club

One of the most famous bars in Nha Trang with the history of nearly 20 years. Sailing Club is a complex of hotel, resort and bar located in front of the beach. The modern, luxury construction together with the dreamlike and romantic design, Sailing Club attracts locals and tourists everyday. The darker the night is, the noisier the club is. The club opens until 04:00 the next morning. It is located 72-74 Trần Phú.

Altitude Rooftop Bar

Altitude Rooftop Bar

Located on the 28th floor of Sheraton Nha Trang, this is the most famous rooftop bar in Nha Trang. The opening time is from 16:00 to 23:00. Surely from there, you can see the lightful view of Nha Trang from the high point while enjoying the music and drinks.

Sunrise on the beach

Sunrise on the beach

If you don’t want to come back right away after chilling at bars, you can find some restaurants opening lately to wait for the next early morning to admire the sunrise on the beach. Moreover, you can see some local fishermen start working very early and join with them if possible.

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