24h coffee shops in Saigon

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You cannot sleep at night? You want to take a cup of coffee and enjoy the city at night? Here are the top 8 of 24h coffee shops in Saigon you can choose.

24h coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is considered as a young sleepless city where the younger generation gather around and enjoy the night time with their friends at some 24h coffee shops. If you are staying in this young city or this is your first time, try to enjoy one of these following 24h coffee shops in Saigon instead of going to the bar. Actually, people don’t go there because they want to drink coffee at night. They go there to meet friends, to chit chat, to complete their tasks because of deadlines… Therefore, this can be an unforgettable memory to experience what Vietnamese young people usually do.

Thức Coffee - 24h coffee shops in Saigon

Thức Coffee

Address: 182 Pasteur, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1

48 - 50 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, District 1

37/11 Lý Tự Trọng, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1

320 Nguyễn Thái Sơn, Gò Vấp District

45 Nguyễn Oanh, Ward 10, Gò Vấp District

22 Quang Trung, Gò Vấp District

65 Gò Dầu, Tân Quý Ward, Tân Phú District

Price: 20.000 VND - 44.000 VND

One of the very first 24h coffee shops is Thức Coffee, which has expanded with 7 branches mainly located in District 1 and Gò Vấp District. Thức in Vietnamese means to stay up late in English. It is mostly loved and highly reviewed by “night owls” in Ho Chi Minh City with reasonable prices, friendly and nice staff. Although its space is quite small, this is the best place to stay close together and chit chat with your friends or you lovers.

Night at Thức Coffee

Drinks at Thức Coffee

Opera Tea Club

Opera Tea Club

Address: 1st Floor, 39 Lý Tự Trọng, Bến Nghé Ward, District

Price: 20.000 VND - 90.000 VND

The plus points of these coffee shops are the quiet atmosphere and provided comfortable pillows. Its dim glow of light can also make you feel enjoyable. Some take the advantage of the plus points to take a nap for a long night there. If you want more light to work or study, you can ask the staff to give you a desk lamp. The design of this coffee shop is nostalgic with old objects. Moreover, there are some board games you can play with your friends there.

The nostalgic atmosphere of Opera Tea Club

The night at Opera Tea Club

Togo Coffee & Tea

Address: 7 Nguyễn Trãi, Bến Thành Ward, District 1

Price: 15.000 VND - 50.000 VND

There, you have 2 options to enjoy your night passing by in this sleepless city. You can sit on the floor to enjoy the moving of the people; or you can sit downstairs on the ground to join the moving. Located right at the center roundabout of the city, the coffee shop witnesses all the flow of the city both day and night time. Around it, there are some street vendors which you can order street foods to break the hunger. Of course, the atmosphere of this coffee shop is not so quiet that you can work or study or take a nap, because it belongs to sleepless animated night owls.

Togo Coffee & Tea downstair

Togo Coffee & Tea upstair

Mr. 8 Coffee

Address: 2 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Bến Thành Ward, District 1

74E Hai Bà Trưng, District 1

Price: 10.000 VND - 50.000 VND

Located near the backpackers area and the city center, the coffee shop is quite easy to find if this is your first time in Ho Chi Minh City. One of its plus points is its various menu with reasonable price, and even it is cheaper than other coffee shops at the city center. Because it is highly loved by night owls, the coffee shop is always full of people; therefore, if you want to find a “good seat”, you should go there as early as you can. Sitting there, enjoying the sleepless city right at the center is one of the unforgettable nights in Vietnam.

Drinks of Mr. 8 Coffee

24h coffee shops in Saigon

Mộc Coffee

Address: 130A Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Ward 6, District 3

Price: 25.000 VND - 50.000 VND

This is also one of the first choices of night owls in Ho Chi Minh City. Located in the main street in District 3, the coffee shop is also easy to find and stop by if you have just finished your night at a bar and want to drink coffee after that. Hide away from the noise of bars or clubs, the coffee shop’s atmosphere is quiet enough for you to relax and talk with your friends. It is environmentally-friendly designed with green trees surrounding the coffee shop. You might feel relaxed and enjoyable with the drinks and the green atmosphere. Moreover, you can also enjoy the acoustic music every night at the coffee shop.

Acoustic music at Mộc Coffee
Mộc Coffee

Tea time 24h Coffee & Tea

Address: 481 Lê Văn Sỹ, Ward 12, District 3

822 Sư Vạn Hạnh, Ward 12, District 10

22 D2, Ward 25, Bình Thạnh District

Price: 25.000 VND - 50.000 VND

The name of the coffee shop reveals itself, opens 24h for sleepless people. Located in some center districts of the city, these coffee shops can be seen of homes for night owls at night. From the outside to the inside, the decorations of these coffee shops are so sparking that people and take selfies with friends. One of the plus points is its delicious beverage with reasonable price. However, because the space is quite large and full of people making the atmosphere quite noisy. Staff is also highly reviewed.

Tea time 24h Coffee & Tea decoration

Ice Zone

Ice Zone

Address: 89 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Phạm Ngũ Lão Ward, District 1

Price: 20.000 VND - 50.000 VND

Street style is the main stress of this coffee shop. Sitting here and enjoying the coffee, you might be attracted by its decoration and style. The staff is enthusiastic and friendly. You can also play some games provided at the coffee shop. The beverage and food are also highly reviewed with a reasonable price. However, the minus point of Ice Zone is its location as it is hidden and difficult to find.

Decoration of Ice Zone

Night owls at Ice Zone

Đen Đá Coffee

Đen Đá Coffee

Address: 182 Pasteur, District 1

277- 279 Phan Xích Long, Phú Nhuận District

Price: 25.000 VND - 50.000 VND

Đen Đá Coffee is also one of the very first 24/7 coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City. However, not all of this brand works 24h, so you should check the address carefully before you go. The coffee shops are designed following classical and vintage decoration. Both these coffee shops are located in main large streets where you can have a seat, drink its various drinks and enjoy the city at night. Thanks to the plus points, Đen Đá Coffee attracts many people when night comes, the darker, the more people.

Đen Đá Coffee Decoration

Night at Đen Đá Coffee

Keep in mind this list of 24h coffee shops in Saigon to take your time and check-in there to see how enthusiastic and energetic this city is.

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